Drochaid Research Services, Dr David Brown attends Innovation in Aerospace Manufacturing event.

February 9, 2023

Meeting date 070323

Dr David Brown of Drochaid Research Services travelled down to Coventry to attend the Innovation in Aerospace Manufacturing event.

This was organised by the Aerospace Technology Institute and High Value Manufacturing Catapult.

The event centred around disseminating insights from the HVMC Sprints, a set of projects recently delivered in collaboration with the High Value Manufacturing Catapult Centres and partners, supported and monitored by the Aerospace Technology Institute and Innovate UK.

Our area of work was centred on Sustainable Aviation Fuels- The FASTACEJET project highlighted the work to explore innovation on processes to formulate and manufacture aviation fuels in a sustainable way and aerospace challenges with fuel requalification.

Our Partners in this project were Simon Blakey of the University of Sheffield and University of Birmingham; Alex Conradie of the University of Nottingham and now University College London and a number of people from the CPI including Andre Jakoblinnert and Qiang Li.

Dr David Brown was delighted for the chance to present Drochaid Research Services in the collective endeavour to produce SAF. It gave him a good opportunity to meet everyone in person.

Dr David Brown was reflective on the absence of Dr Juan Maria González Carballo who, produced the work on this project and, would of be presenting at the event. Juan María has moved on and is now with Innovate UK KTN but is still a friend and contact with Drochaid Research Services.